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ESR hosts DPA Pro Lender & Realtor Training

Experiment in Self-Reliance

February 20, 2024

WINSTON-SALEM – On February 15th, ESR hosted a DPA Pro Lender/Realtor Training for local Realtors of the Winston-Salem community in partnership with Financial Pathways of the Piedmont, Forsyth County, Center for Homeownership, the Housing Authority of W-S, and sponsorship from US Bank.

Bianca Boykin-Green, Housing Loan Officer and Broker for Forsyth County CED, and Director of Forsyth County CED, Kyle Haney, led the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) Pro Lender/Realtor Training. The event was created in collaboration with ESR’s New Century IDA Program for realtors and agents in the area to "learn about updates, give feedback, ask questions, and learn about what is available for citizens who are seeking affordable homeownership" says Boykin-Green.

The training also featured Director of Center for Homeownership, Sharon Thomas. The Director informed participants about the Center’s program that helps educate and guide potential home owners through the process of homeownership by providing housing counseling… “We like to help our clients realize the dream of homeownership and know that it’s not out of reach for them,” stated Thomas.

Participants enjoyed the training and found it exceedingly educational. "The event was very informative, I think it will help many agents learn all of the parameters of down payment assistance as it relates to the city and county, and definitely help us take better care of our buyers."  Many described the event as "Wonderful!" and expressed for more realtors to attend, "You guys need to be here if you’re not coming to the trainings at ESR!"

Experiment in Self-Reliance would like to give a special thanks to our partners: Forsyth County CED/CPLP and HOME/Rehab and Code Enforcement, Financial Pathways of the Piedmont, Center for Homeownership, Housing Authority of W-S, and sponsor of the event, US Bank.

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About ESR

ESR is a non-profit Community Action Agency. Its mission is to empower social and economic self-reliance for the working low-income and homeless. Programs serve the working low to moderate-income population in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County, helping people locate safe and affordable housing, increase their education, attend financial education classes, have their taxes prepared at no cost, and more.

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