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Helping people help themselves

Self-Sufficiency, our signature program, enables you to custom-design your own plan for becoming self-sufficient by improving your income and continuing education. It is based on the premise that with proper planning, information, support, and accountability, virtually everyone can achieve some level of economic self-reliance.

The program is conducted through intensive case management. You will be assigned to a caseworker who helps you develop an individualized case plan, tailored to fit your needs and goals with the steps needed to achieve them. Clients can remain in the Self-Sufficiency program for up to two years, during which you’re encouraged to take advantage of the many other activities and programs ESR offers to enhance the development of life skills that will help you to become even more self-sufficient.

You also may receive financial assistance as part of your individual case plans. Such assistance may include tuition and books for improving education, childcare assistance, taking higher-paying employment, housing services, transportation, and more.

Self-Sufficiency Team

All clients are expected to meet with their caseworkers at least monthly. We’ll track your progress and give the necessary support to assist you along the way. This structured program has been documented to be very helpful in assisting clients in improving their job, and income prospects, and helping to create and maintain a stable home life.

Who Qualifies

All of ESR’s programs, except Information and Referral, are designed to assist low-income households, working homeless families, with at least one member of the household employed. We base enrollment on government standard levels of income, which you must meet in order to qualify. Each case is reviewed by the program staff as a group, which then determines which households will be enrolled.

ESR recognizes the needs of community members who are on disability and unemployment, however, our programs are not set up to work with households who rely on these sources as their sole income. United Way, one of our collaborative partners, provides an information service where those who seek assistance can locate the agency that is best suited to meet their needs. This information service can be accessed by dialing 2-1-1.


To become enrolled in ESR’s Self-Sufficiency Program, you must:

  • Be a resident of Forsyth County.

  • Provide a photo ID.

  • Provide Social Security or ITIN card.

  • Provide proof of income (paycheck stub).

  • Meet the DHHS income definitions.

  • Be willing to participate in a structured program.

  • Be willing to accept case management/counseling services including economic literacy training.

  • Be willing to follow an established budget and case plan.

  • Be willing to abide by rules and regulations for residence at ESR’s housing services facilities, if applicable.

Service Delivery:

  • Income and Wage Progression

  • Vocational education to improve employment

  • Transportation

  • Child Care

  • Social and Economic Literacy Training

  • Employment Supplies

  • Housing Services

  • Permanent Housing

  • Permanent Supportive Housing

  • Budgeting and Financial Education

  • Family Stability and Domestic Violence

  • Mental/Substance Abuse

  • Incarceration and criminal activity

The maximum amount of time for service delivery is two years.  The clients’ graduation is determined by self-sufficiency performance outcomes established by the agency.

If you have interest in this program, contact the Self-Sufficiency Team by calling (336) 722 - 9400 ext. 154 or fill out the form below.

Self-Sufficiency Request for more information

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